Psychedelic Psychotherapy: A Strong Endorsement

We recommend reading this book

We think this book is excellent! Recommended!

It’s a fantastic book

“Absolutely fantastic book”1

“I just got this a few weeks ago. I’ve skimmed it and it seems absolutely brilliant.”1

“I find it to be a super upgraded and easier to read version of the maps manual (which is great also). In other books I’ve read on the subject there is more of a focus on why psychedelics have the potential to heal, and less on how to use them for healing. Whereas i find this book to be the opposite; It showed me directly how to heal myself using psychedelics whilst on psychedelics, literally a life changing book for me.”2

“Seconded, this is an excellent resource!”3

“I had a friend swear by the exact same book. I haven’t read it myself but she gave it a lot of credit and she definitely has taken some positive steps.”4

“There is not a better book for understanding and applying the psychedelic healing journey from ptsd to empowerment.”5

It’s practical and step-by-step

“A very good handbook, guidebook, and grounded outline for explorers and sitters alike. It’s user friendly, accessible and covers all the bases well.”6

“Step- by- step guidance on how to safely and effectively navigate through the psychedelically-enhanced healing process.”6

“In this one-of-a-kind book, he imparts knowledge gathered from facilitating more than three thousand psychedelic therapy sessions.”6

“brilliant book and useful tips for your own healing and personal exploration. very approachable information.”6

“Very informative book, definitely worth reading a few times”6

“Should be mandatory reading for anyone contemplating this method of healing and the therapists who will be helping them.”6

You may benefit from reading it!

“This is an instant classic (if not the bible) of the field.”6

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