How Long Do Shrooms Last?

How long do shrooms and shroom trips last?

Shrooms last for about 6 to 7 hours after ingestion. After effects may be noticed the following 24 hours.1 2

Dosage (shrooms dried grams) Approximate time the effects last1 2 Equivalent dosage (psilocybin mg)3
0.8 g 6 hours 5 mg
1.6 g 7 hours 10 mg
3.2 g 7.5 hours 20 mg
4.8 g 7.5 hours 30 mg

These graphs show the effects of shrooms over time.

Mushroom effects over time

Use the below table to convert between the dosage in the graph and a very approximate dosage of cubensis shrooms.

Dosage (psilocybin mg) Dosage (cubensis mushrooms dried grams)3
5 mg 0.8 g
10 mg 1.6 g
20 mg 3.2 g
30 mg 4.8 g

Graph showing how long shrooms last for


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