LSD Test Kits

The most important test kit for LSD is the Ehrlich reagent.

Ehrlich’s reagent “can be used to positively identify LSD, helping rule out 25i-NBOMe, a highly toxic and extremely dangerous drug that is often misrepresented as LSD.”1

Purchasing options for LSD test kits (Ehrlich’s reagent)

  • DanceSafe: ~$31 incl shipping, ~$22 extra for overnight shipping
  • USA only, billyxckl on eBay $11.5 incl shipping
  • USA only, Amazon $15 incl shipping
  • USA, Eztest $30 incl shipping
  • USA, Bunk Police $30 incl shipping, $58 extra for overnight shipping
  • If you’re in the UK, Reagent Tests UK, £5.5 incl shipping
  • If you’re in the EU, HUP, €6 incl shipping. Use the coupon code ‘Rollsafe’
  • If you’re in the EU, SIN, €10.8 incl shipping. Use the coupon code ‘rollsafe’ or ‘tripsafe’


“Ehrlich Test Kit should be your primary choice. LSD will turn pink to purple relatively quickly with this kit. Blotter can be tested as-is, but liquid must be treated a little differently (see below “can I test liquids”). Be on the lookout for substances that don’t quite match the chart – follow up with Marquis if you see something different.” - Bunk Police.

See also DanceSafe’s LSD testing instructions here.

LSD Ehrlich's Test Kit Instructions

Can I test liquid LSD?

“Liquids should be placed on a piece of untreated paper and dried before using it in the test kit. A good way to make sure your paper is untreated is to test a plain piece of paper first to make sure it doesn’t react – if it doesn’t, then use a separate piece to put your liquid on, allow it to dry, and then test that.” - Bunk Police.


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