Salvia: What You Need to Know

Learn what you need to know about salvia. Despite being legal in many places, Salvia can be particularly important to research before using.

What is Salvia?

Salvia is a plant with short-lasting hallucinogenic effects.

In a survey, 18.5% of people who had used Salvia said their life would be better off if Salvia didn’t exist. For comparison, this was similar to amphetamine, where 17.7% of users said their life would be better off if amphetamine didn’t exist.

2. Dosage is really important.

An optimal starting dose for smoked salvia might be:

200 / strength of the extract.

e.g. For 40x, 20040 = 5mg. For 2x, 2002 = 100mg.

Treat this as a guideline not a conclusion.

(This is based on an optimal starting dose being perhaps 0.3 mg of salvinorin A,1 and at 2.5mg/gram of 1x,2 this means 120mg of 1x, and then perhaps double the amount to allow for loss if smoked, e.g. 240mg of 1x.)

Salvia Effect Graph

3. Spend at least 2 hours researching Salvia and Salvia safe use before using it.

I think a good guideline is that you should only use salvia after you’ve spent 2 hours researching the substance and researching safe use.

Time watching salvia trip videos on YouTube does not count.

For example, read this guide: and this guide:, and maybe also this guide:

4. If you’re planning to take Salvia, read Tripsafe’s guides on psychedelic use, and apply them to Salvia, too.

In particular: How to Take Shrooms

5. How to smoke Salvia

Please read the following guide before using salvia:

Resources and further reading

Content of extracts: (hernndezbello2015.pdf),

Dose-effect curve:


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