How Long Do Edibles Last?

Learn how long edibles last.

Overall, edibles last for approx 5 hours.

You’ll peak 2 hours after ingesting to 4 hours after ingesting.

You’ll start to feel mostly normal after 5-6 hours after you ingested. Though, with doses above 20mg you may feel high for longer. So if you’re wondering how long an edibles high lasts, there’s your answer.

In summary: Edibles can last for 4-10 hours, with after effects lasting for another 6-12 hours.1

Edibles Duration of Effects

Phase Time12
Total 4 - 10 hours
Onset 30 - 120 minutes
Peak 2 - 5 hours
After effects 6 - 12 hours

A graph from a 1980 research paper showing how long you’ll stay high for:

Graph showing how long edibles last

In this experiment, participants still felt a little bit high after 6 hours, though not close to peak levels.2

If you think you took too much: Tell a friend to read the “bad trip” guide and help you

Symptoms of a moderate to intense high (doesn’t necessarily mean you took too much):

  • Increased (and more noticable) heart rate
  • Dry mouth
  • Paranoia / anxiety

No-one has ever died from overdosing on marijuana.3

If you have paranoia/anxiety and want to reduce it, try any of the following:

Remember, the main effect of taking too much is just paranoia. Thousands of people take too much weed each year, they feel really uncomfortable for up to ~12 hours, and then they all feel fine again.

Guide to help someone having a bad trip (including if you’ve eaten too much edible weed).


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