LSD Effects

Learn the effects of LSD. Research-backed list of effects.

Factors that influence LSD’s effects

  • “The prior emotional or internal state of the individual, or “set”1
  • “The state of the environment or surrounding, or “setting”1

Short-term effects

See also: LSD’s side effects

Positive effects during use:

  • Joy/intense happiness2
  • Peace/harmony2

Neutral effects during the drug experience:

  • Rapid and sometimes extreme changes in mood1
  • Visual disrotions and illusions1
  • Time perceived as going faster or slower than normal1
  • “A detachment within the self regarding one’s mind or body, or being a detached observer of oneself”1
  • Altered sense of reality1

See the first few images on this page for an accurate depiction of low to moderate acid dosage visual effects.

In some people:

  • Transcendent experience1
  • Feeling physically weak3
  • Feeling as if in a dream3
  • Feeling dizzy or unsteady3
  • Feeling cold or hot, or sweating3
  • “Funny feelings on your skin”3
  • Impaired concentration1
  • Answering yes to: “Do your hands and feet feel peculiar?”3
  • Blurred eyesight, difficulty focusing your vision3
  • Believing that people are looking at you differently4
  • Feeling like you are melting or merging into your surroundings4
  • Feeling that you have less control over yourself4
  • Eliminating cluster headaches1

LSD Dream-like State

LSD Anxiety

Effects vs time graph for LSD

Acid (LSD) Trip Effects Over Time

Long-term effects

Desirable effects after use

These effects were primarily reported at the 6-9 month follow-up of a non placebo-controlled study of a high-dose guided session of LSD (150-400 micrograms).5

These positive effects will not all apply with casual use. These benefits were found for participants that followed a particular guided acid trip protocol, as detailed in the Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide.

  • More energy for work (p .01), more initiative (p .01), finding the job easier (p .01), and getting more work done (p .01)5
  • Increased cooperation (p .01)5
  • Increased confidence in one’s decisions (p .01)5
  • Being closer to others (p .01), having more friends at work (p .01) and outside work (p .01)5
  • Increased self-confidence (p .01)5
  • Increased marriage satisfaction (p .01)5
  • More satisfaction with intercourse (p .01)5
  • Addiction reduction. Both anecdotal reports in recreational settings, and research in medical settings on alcohol dependence.6
  • Increased purpose7



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